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Arrogant Imps

Forgive me friends, this poem is not meant for you.  There are adult people in my everyday life at my workplace that I must deal with who are childish and spend a lot of their time flapping their jaws about other people.  These people are stuck in some junior high clique-ish nightmare and I so want to scream how horrid and unprofessional I find their childishness.  Of course I can’t do that because I am taught to turn the other cheek.  And so I just “vent here, a place I’m sure they will not vent-ure to…..

Arrogant Imps

For those who hate others
under the watchful eye of God
Consider how your druthers
kill hopes as you plod.

Your backstabbing steals away
other’s sense of fair play
using your life to bring dismay.

Always steady and politely I’d say
Sure to kindly reroute your way.
So as not to bring you harm.
Honor your peers and always pray
or your pain might return some day -to
Loose all your witty charm.
Either way, this is an acrostic alarm.


© 2013 John Allen Richter