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I Remember Your Brown Eyes

Hello and thanks for dropping by…….  Was in the mood for a song with this but unfortunately my vocal cords are never as enthusiastic as I am!  The audio was added to give you, the reader, an idea of what was bouncing around in my head when I wrote this…..  Please accept my apology in advance for the wailing you will hear by pushing the audio button below!

I Remember Your Brown Eyes


Forgotten smiles,
From forgotten miles –
a time ago –
our young hearts wild.

It’s never here,
that precious year.
You held my hand
all the while…

I flew away
on the darkest day
before I’d say
I’ll love you always…
Girl, I’ll love you always….

So many say
Love’s here to stay
But it’s my prediction
that love’s just fiction
until it walks away…..

Darlin I love you…..
And I always will….

I remember
your brown eyes girl…


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© 2013 John Allen Richter