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Life is sometimes so very confusing to me- I don’t know why we’re alive, or why God decided to put us in this life.  Nobody really does.  I just know I’ve been writing poetry all my life – and during all these many years i have avoided what most people would call “Love Poetry.”  It’s a lie in my opinion-extraordinarily pretentious.  Love and sex – or sexual attraction – are two different things.  But I think every high school and college boy at some time has written a “Love” poem to attract the attention of someone who makes his heart go pitter-patter, as old Norman from the Movie On Golden Pond would have said.  And you know I think that is so romantic.  I love romance.  But for some reason, and I don’t understand it myself – I just don’t write love poetry.  Somehow it’s like I separate poetry – a mind’s art – from romantic love – which is more of the heart’s art – don’t you think?

And although I have never written a love poem – at least not since i was in my teens with hormones raging – I do write pieces like what you see below – like – with a tune playing in my head.  So I put them down to music.  I don’t know if that makes me a songwriter, any more than leaving my morning constitution in the bathroom makes me Picasso.  But just like poetry – its what comes out of me – and because I’m human – because I have this insane desire to feel accredited in this insane life – which I don’t even understand – and I really would like to know what others think about some of these things that shake out of my brain – or heart.  Which is why I post these occasionally with other great and talented artists on dversepoets.com.  Tonight’s the night and I hope you enjoy this one…… You can listen to the song on the audio thingy above…  The lyrics are below….

Lyrics 2Ellen

I only know one thing darling
if you want to have fun from the start
never lie,  – never lie to your heart
no, no – never lie to your heart
don’t tell it to go away
no no no
Baby keep it around for a while
you can’t live without it
no no no
It’s what i found out

I was looking for you yesterday
I guess you packed your bags and went away
Yeah I know we were supposed to hit that road today
Driving those cars, hitting all the bars
But Albuquerque’s so far away
So darling, won’t you write me a letter some day

You brought our friends over one night
so we could all say goodbye
you know we were headed out that door
but you found me there in a corner with her

You remember her,
sweet little Veena
Honey you were my best friend
and you owned my soul
but I ain’t gonna lie
no I can’t lie to my heart,
no no no

Honey, dear Veena
she owns my heart
yes she does
she owns my heart

But you’re down in New Mexico now
and I know you’re having fun
all that wind and sand
and that auburn hair baby
Won’t you write me a letter
and in it won’t you say
You miss me too
won’t you say
you miss me too
cause love’s not about the heart
It’s about you

© 2015 John Allen Richter