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Child Games

Sordid tales do rise from below,
of those who’ve gone before.
We carry their lives to and fro
and file it under lore.

But whenst look most carefully,
divining good from bad,
it seems to me most woefully
we carry the worst they had.

Children’s games do tell the tale,
of such dire travesty.
Of their death and destruction trail,
and long gone tragedy.

With pockets full of posies they sing,
and of bridges falling down,
it’s a wonderment that they never bring
a new plague to every town

So I listen quietly and watch a while,
’til one moves away from the pack.
and when my demons do come alive –
I’ll give him forty whacks….

© 2014 John Allen Richter

Halloween Fright

Hello, anyone, everyone….  whoever may be knocking upon my chamber door!  Good tidings to you, and a very eerie evening….

If you know me well then you will allow for my dalliances here amidst the fall leaves and colors, where my soul longs to be all year on such a crisp autumn night as this.  So when it comes ’round I am particularly happy.  And of course if fall is my favorite season then it follows that Halloween is my favorite event….  I’m so happy you have come to share it with me….  I’ve so few visitors anymore.

Many years ago, when my children were young I began a yearly tradition where we would gather around the computer and record all of our voices.  Then I would use special audio software to make them as scary as possible!  We then would lay them down on a track with cricket sounds and other of natures things, along with some pretty scary monsters, and play the track through the window on All Hallow’s Eve as the neighborhood children came begging for candy….  What a delightful fright I would see in their eyes as I opened the door…  It was absolutely delicious!

This year my children are all grown and gone, no longer interested in helping dad with his long lost art.  So I carry on alone, meandering, wondering, and remembering those years past with a tear in one eye and a monster’s growl in my voice.  I was so despondant recording my meager, lone voice this year, so I reached back through the years and found some voices from my two daughters from around 1997.  I’m adding this years track here in the perchance that you might like to download it and play it through your own window this year….  It’s only 3 minutes long or so, but if you run it on a loop it will play all night..

But in any case, I’m wishing you a very oookie, and most spookie – Halloween!

DOWNLOAD HERE by right clicking this link and select “Save Target As…”

Ghost’s Flight

Ghosts oft flock to things of old,
amidst the ancient parlor dust –
There they lay licking wounds
of things they never did….

And so what could it be, my ghastly friend,
this thing undone clear to your end –
which makes you sing so wearily –
That in my chambers you should creak,
and bang my pipes –

The night owl calls yet you disdain,
toiling havoc in your domestic reign –
as we, mere mortals scatter in fear
when your shadow’s stain comes oh so near.

But nay, not I, – shouts my quaking breath,
I shant cower from your prolonged death
for you are naught but pickled soul –
who failed to live, and lived to fail –
for which I find little console.

So if you’ve wings then fly away,
or drag your carcass to another day.
For if you should ever materialize –
I’ll give you death you can recognize…


© 2014 John Allen Richter